Nigeria’s Rundown: The Slippery Fish

Happy Belated Independence. But are we free? Really?
Wrote this some months back. Thinking.
I still subscribe to thoughts from people I know we’re waiting for in this country, myself inclusive.

Nigeria’s Rundown: The Slippery Fish


It’s the slippery fish,
the soapy wet floor,
The heavy bag of cement
And it’s our lifeline for life.
The recent turn of events that began taking place since last year leave no choice but to be
discussed. Within a space of five years, Nigeria has gone through situations that could make the
bravest timid. How? If it’s to discuss the most pressing I should probably say the increase in
petrol price from N65 to N140 down to N87, N86.50 and now almost doubling at N145 but oddly
that’s not the most important. As our dark green vigilante Oliver Queen aka The Arrow would
probably say, ‘These are only symptoms of the disease’, and they are indeed.
A 9 month suspension of tertiary institutions, displacement of 2 million citizens, deaths of tens
of thousands, eye popping billion dollar pieces of monies missing, straining of a great nation’s
unity among others are only symptoms of a more sinister disease, Silence. The disease
Silence is peculiar in its mode of action, it causes us to keep mute about things that we should
comment on. Two things I’d focus on. These are vital:


1. A table with three legs: This is definitely not something you’d find in the Lagos Island market,
Onitsha market or even Kurmi market simply because a table without balance can’t stand.
Silence has caused us to ignore the virtues of love and wisdom which tell us to love our
neighbors. A country divided cannot stand and if we continue to entertain a deep seated dislike
for a particular tribe or religion, then, Nigeria’s present difficulties will look like the glory days in
time to come. It could be hard to learn to like or get along with a person whom we don’t see
their value, a person that our parents and society have consciously and/or subconsciously told
us to dislike. But it is so possible and worth it. Besides, you’ve most likely seen that not all
people of a caste are as evil as they’re being painted. Truth is, there are good and rotten eggs
everywhere, even in Heaven, ask Lucifer.

2. The Slippery Fish: Newsflash! Every single “First World” country has been through very
difficult times to get to where they are. England had the Great Fire of London that consumed
80% of the city, USA had the Great Depression in 1929 that made people lose millions of dollars
and lives back when a penny was gold; Germany went through the war, ostracizing and pain;
Japan had a two city demolishing bomb dropped on them; India was a dumpster for other
countries waste. Success can be traced to a few common factors. What was common to these
countries? It was the slippery fish.


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