The Slippery Fish 2

Amidst the darkness of a nation, there were always few (very few and not many) people, some old others young but mostly young who saw something others did not. The slippery fish is what can feed a hungry nation, cleanse a corrupt one and put smiles on the faces of the bleakest people. Seen by people who are ordinary, have been called unqualified, and stupid; the slippery fish never truly leaves. It pushed Americans to want a better life outside oppression from the harsh treatment of the Britons; they called it the American Dream, In Pursuit of Happiness.

It caused the Britons themselves to rebuild after their city got burnt, it was a bleak situation but
they pursued the fish and now they smile. The Indians were broke and hungry; pursuit of the fish caused them to tinker with the dumped foreign electronics that flooded their streets, today they are engineering gurus.

The slippery fish is here now in Nigeria. She’s riding on a new wind, singing a song that’s new to us. She’s proclaiming love, courage, endurance and togetherness. She’s telling me and you who are Nigeria’s future to go on and be great. The slippery fish is HOPE. She’s not telling you to do some brain racking thing. She’s insisting on simple things that are true to the human nature at its best. She says to help the classmate in difficulties of whatever, think about more than yourself; while you have plenty someone less than hundred feet from you has nothing. She’s saying be one who is just, of integrity, trustworthy, feels the pain of others in empathy, honest, courageous, with a team spirit, and she’s saying teach others this song. I’ve lent her my voice and now sing her song as I just did with you.

To summarize her request in other for us to have a good future she says, see everyone has an extension of you.

A quote to always remember, “Be the CHANGE you want to see” –Martin Luther King Jr.
While the price for a better tomorrow looks so costly, no fear guys. We can help each other walk through some steps that would see us blossoming in little time. Stay close by.
P.S If like the Indians you wanna learn the magic of entrepreneurship, business and economy thinking, like Strive Masiyiwa’s page on Facebook. It’s not everywhere you see a multi-billionaire teaching people how to become one.

And in all your doings, don’t forget to pray for Nigeria.


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