Hi there! I’m Aderie.

Why is life not easy? I can’t count the amount of times that question has run through my mind; if you’re anything like me you have most likely thought it too. I mean if you’re alive, yearning for a status better than what you’re seeing, a country with sensible people (and systems), family and friends that understand and more important if you’re in your teenage or so years. You know, this period of life that’s just so confusing at times with all the crazily fun times, the crushing moments from parents, siblings, friends, the entire country, and sometimes for no seen reason.
Being Adesina Henrie, an ordinary teen in a multitude with an interest in people, places, odd facts (that are boring to some people), reading, going out to have fun (though circumstances prevent this, a lot!), music and most important God is not always on the fun side. You just might be like me in some respects. However, I found out that the amount of times I ask why life is not easy is gradually reducing. I’m a nice guy and I’ll tell you why. It all started from one singular experience, just one. I didn’t meet a genie, it wasn’t my fairy godfather or a talking frog that gave me a wishing stone. I met Christ, and the moment I gave Him the wheels and key to my heart I had peace, and then my challenges begun.
I love reading and listening to people and from these two hobbies (that I’m still working on). I’ve learnt tons and you know what? The more I know the more I know I don’t know. I know that we’re bleeding inside as people ( at least I am was), trying to find ourselves in the world that threatens to tell us who we are. That there’s a lot of people who wanna genuinely laugh and be happy. I know that they’re misguided people, so well blinded that they’re bullies to a large extent in governments, on the streets, in companies and schools. And perhaps most importantly there are those with the question, “Why?” To a lot of things.
Some of my questions have been, “Is it possible to live a 100% holy life or is that some myth that preachers sell to encourage us?”; “Why don’t the people I expect to understand me understand anything!?”; ” Why is government so messed up and some people plain heartless?”; “After trying hard to read for that exam and yet…” Still, other questions are so frightening I am a bit scared to type them.
I started this by inspiration from the Holy Spirit to assist us if in any remote way we have thought of the 1001 questions I have, I’m fairly confident you’ve asked at least one. So from here on out using my up and down life as primary case study, I’ll be your student to learn what you think on some of these our gigantic questions; your detective to search for and answer the ones you’ve don’t know and your friend in this boat called life. So friend, are you willing to join me?


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