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Hidden Heroes 1: Woman at Shunem

Started a series on tracing some not too well known heroes in the Bible. Thought I’d complete it here but it’s not cool without the complete set so I’ll just repost em here. 🙂 🙂

Hidden Heroes

I’m going to run a short series on hidden heroes of the bible. Please let their seemingly obscure but important and inspiring stories remind us that we don’t always have to be the biggest to be used by God for others good. Up first, The Heroine at Shunem.

Woman at Shunem (2 Kings 4:8-37)

Undoubtedly, a woman worthy of emulation, she saw a need in Elisha’s ministry and promptly allowed herself to be the person to be used to fulfill that need of housing Elisha faced.

Core strengths

• Hospitality and Wisdom:

She was the perfect host; she knew just how to speak with her husband to convince him to build a room for Elijah.

• Contentment:

When asked for a favor to be done for her, a good word to the commander of the army or the king himself, she replied in essence, “Thank you, but I am living happily among my people.”

• Faith:

After she got a son from the LORD he fell ill and died. Instead of complaining and cursing Elisha, she kept her calm and walked in faith, believing that God who gave her the child can bring him back. V 23

• Perseverance:

She could have left Elijah’s place after he sent Gehazi to place his staff on the boy’s head but didn’t. She understood the need for faith and the place for persevering. Having come with the mindset that she was to leave with Elisha she stayed and her request was granted. V30

• Appreciation:

To cap it all, she knew to be grateful. Following her son’s resurrection, she bowed in thanks and left- a mark of humility and ego-free mind. V37


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