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Hidden Heroes 3: Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Dashingly beautiful and incredibly brave, this heroine almost brought a nation to a stop with her good looks and charm. Unfortunately though we don’t hear much about this Iron Lady, Mrs. Rebekah Isaac.

Kind and Hospitable:

She gets her first mention when Abraham’s servant went to search for a wife for his master’s young son. At the end of his long journey, he asked God to make his job of matchmaking easier. Sweet, maybe petite looking and soft sounding Rebekah came out and gave him a drink-then proceeded to water his camels, all ten of them! This was before Lagos Water Corp. so you have an idea what it must have been like. This lady was strong!

Loyal and trustworthy:

When you hear bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, think of her. During a famine she followed her hubby to relocate to greener pastures (which in itself is not an easy task but a necessary one if you wanna live). While in the new land, Isaac told the people she was his sister in order to protect his life from the danger of them killing him in order to have her. She went along with the rouse and luckily for the people there, Isaac was found out by the king. (His father had performed the same trick to those folks and God promised to destroy the then king and even stopped the women from conceiving!).


If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing. She was ready to live-or die for something. After being told beforehand by God the latter days of her children and what was to happen she did all she could to ensure it did happen. Yes, the Esau-Jacob fiasco.
Esau was not chosen to be the heir of Abraham, Jacob was. A look at the chain of events shows how the deal went down. Esau already sold his birthright to Jacob for a plate of steaming meal when he was starving. When the time came for blessings to be passed it was Rebekah, not Jacob that first knew of it. Even then, Jacob was not so interested in being blessed but she pushed him to it. With quick responses and resourcefulness she devised a way to secure God’s promise about Jacob. However, there was a catch, if they were caught Isaac would place a curse on Jacob and that would’ve have been a grade A+ nasty. She however was willing and over to take the curse on his behalf that takes courage I tell ya. I pray God connects us to those who will set us up for success and be willing to do all to secure our success in Jesus name.

Wise and Resourceful:

Also, when Esau heard it, he wasn’t too pleased and thought killing Jacob would be nice enough. Yet again, she heard of it and in a very stealthy and resourceful way, got Isaac to send Jacob far away where he could escape from Esau. Pray that God causes us to always escape trouble.

She did all these things coupled with the stress of running a home and thinking of what’s to eat for tonight’s dinner!


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