Internet Clean Up

What’s one way you easily get your gist? Whether it’s the Buhari-Aisha thing; Clinton-Trump debates or music and celebrity gossip? Of course, it’s the internet. Instagram, Twitter, news sites like, maybe, for some, or something. One place you’ll send yourself when doing your assignments (God bless Google) or you would refer your siblings to, yes, the internet. And right now, boiling with anger that can’t boil yam but can change your heart if you listen, I am angry with what the internet’s becoming.

I’m on the net a lot. You are right now. And if you’ve been the least observant you’d notice that at every page there’s a link that points to pornography, or sex or something like that. Even on supposedly age-friendly Facebook, especially Facebook. This is disgusting people! How in heavens can we be expected to think and be effective if every minute of the day we go online someone’s privates is up in our face?!

Years ago you had to search for porn and really search, now it’s in our homes in milder more sinister ways. The beautiful tool called the internet is at our disposal. Use it for good. Speak out against these lewd postings sent to corrupt our minds; our younger ones minds. I’m not against freedom of expression but that takes it past the boundary of being uncontrolled. If you think you wanna advertise your enlargement product, do it where it meets your specific target and is not all up in children’s faces and those who don’t need it. That website hosting it should have a personal section for your business and let’s start Internet Clean-Up.


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