​She looked at me like I’d just asked her to marry me while wearing a monkey suit and doing the Bruno Mars jig. Well, can’t really blame her, my statement was a bit shocking.

“Did you just ask to meet my dad? You’re joking right?” My smile told her I wasn’t. Like when your friends dare you to jump the fence to get the ball  and you smile like it’s the easiest  trick in the world.

 Couple of hours later, after I’d had a discussion with her dad, she walks up to me and with that mildy confused and majorly amused face people put on, “What did you talk about? And how? Why’d you meet him sef? You’re a strange boy o”. I guess I am, not being shy to ask to meet a pretty girl’s father and actually do it, without dying or being mortally wounded.

 If you wanna know how I did it, or rather why? Stick around. That post’s coming up soon. In the meanwhile, you can share this one. I’ll attach the post URL to the comments box.


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