DITR, Musings, Poetry


Thud, thud
Shush! My children

Be quiet, listen

Is that not Captain H  I hear in the corridors.

His characteristic footsteps give him away
Like the sound of so many seagulls at Port-Harcourt bay

Shush! Young child, be quiet

Listen to the stories of heroes before

who despite and in spite of

comforts and challenges

Took this icy journey to shores unheard

Strong Heart Jumoke
Who for the sake of her six sick companions

offered herself to Greedfill Johnson,

That brute of a fellow that sent her to Death with unsafe work conditions

with little chance for her to follow the Dream of our people
Oh child, don’t forget Loyal Ike the Second

Who, like his father before him stayed loyal to the cause of our voyage, relentless at times of thin supplies
And Ali, yes, Ali the Speaker,

On this very same spot spoke words of comfort

Soothed the aching hearts that our predecessors had on this uncertain journey.
Oh yes Okon, Baratuipre, Boseda and the rest all together on that journey

Wait Child, listen to the Captain

He’s making a command,

Land is near! The journey’s end is nigh
Yes! We did it, gradual and perilous the trip might have been

But thanks to God, we sailed safe and sane

Now our songs’ll also ring,

We’ve made it through as Captain Hope’s Stowaways.


3 thoughts on “Stowaways”

    1. Thanks 😄
      I went through your blog and I’ll say you have a gift that’s working out for you. Keep on.
      I particularly liked the Writer’s Block post -me and Brain do that a lot…or rather me and other me, like in Limitless. The cool guy ends up snuffing the life out of them so they don’t see day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your kind eords! I’d say Writer’s block is the post most of my readers relate to. I guess writer’s block helped me write a post that day I couldn’t find anything else to write😁

        Liked by 1 person

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