Stories From The Book

​Hidden Heroes: Syrophoenician

Today we’re checking a wise lady from Syrophoenica, such a tongue twister that word. I think it’s pronounced sigh-ro-fo-ni-ci-a. Now her story is found in Mark 7:24-30 and she costars with the greatest of the greats-Jesus Christ Himself. Please read it, just six verses. Now picture she’s about to ask Jesus’ healing of her daughter from a spirit.
Core Strengths:

Unashamed/Brave: Jews weren’t big on socializing with other tribes, even their half-brothers from Samaria. She didn’t mind this fact when going to meet Jesus, a Jew. She went and kept asking. Some translations say she was importunate-asking to the point of annoying. (Sounds like the widow from one of Jesus’ parables).

Calm, collected and wise: After she got a ‘no’ in a seemingly cold manner she didn’t flare up and get angry at Him. She replied wisely, but before we talk about the reply, let’s analyze the ‘no’?

Jesus told her, “Allow the children to be satisfied first, because it isn’t right to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs.”

That seems like cause for trouble but let’s take a look at it, the kingdoms around didn’t serve God and were one way or the other always causing His people to sin against Him. In that sense, they didn’t allow His people to be free and we’re like…

The Israelites all the way from Abraham to the Jews we’re God’s elite, His special people among the entire nations so…

You might have skipped this but, “Allow the children to be satisfied first…” Even though she was not yet a part of God’s special people, He hinted that she’d still be blessed but with patience exercised.

Oh, verse 24 says Jesus went there not looking to draw attention or work miracles. Yet, in spite of this, He forsook plan A and helped because that’s how He is.

Now, back to the story…

She wisely replied that even the dogs get crumbs from the children. That was smart and leads to the next point.

Faith: She believed that even a tiny crumb of the bread Jesus gives would be enough to heal her suffering daughter. Jesus was moved by her faith. He told her to go and see her daughter healed and that’s how it was.

Say something about this story; contribution, disagreement or something…


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