Hidden Heroes: Specials (Service)

Today we would be looking at two sets of heroes. Their stories are short but the lessons are profound and touching. Try to imagine yourself right there and soak up the emotions, feelings, the mild Palestine sun’s heat, and even the hunger (well not too much of this). First up is…

The Lad (Teen) who shared



His story is found in John 6:4-13 and he also co-stars with Jesus and other disciples. Jesus had just finished healing the sick and there was a crowd 5,000 strong with Him. Having compassion on them, He decided to feed them but there was no bread or a place to buy in the wilderness. This teen gave up what I suspect to be his lunch as a contribution most likely for Jesus and His disciples to eat. I don’t think he had the faintest idea what was about to happen.

Core Strength:

Service: Service comes in more than one way. Basically, it is giving to others out of what you have. It brings satisfaction and true happiness to the giver when it is done from the heart. That’s why the giver enjoys a bit more because experiencing such happiness is something all Central Bank’s money cannot buy right now (did you say recession?), or ever. Yet simply helping your roommate from the depth of your heart can give it to you.

The boy cheerily gave 5 loaves of barley bread and two fish. Phillip (Jesus’ disciple) had estimated about N2706.27 worth of bread would be almost enough for everyone to eat a little (Yes, the figure is correct, I did my math. But the way naira is fluctuating now ehn… well its £7 sha).

The five loaves and two fish would cost under N50. So picture this, Jesus was able to feed 5,000 plus people in the wilderness and still have 12 baskets surplus with less than N50 bread and fish!!

All this because a guy your age gave up his lunch. Wow! That should tell you, whatever you have, isn’t too small for God to use. Offer your services bae. 😉

Next are…

The Four Musketeers plus One


Their story is found in Mark 2:1-11. Here Jesus was in Capernaum. He was sort of hiding because like some of our modern day celebs, He couldn’t walk out in the day without people asking for autographs and all that. The rush was not always comfortable for His work. So in a room, in Capernaum He was teaching when four men carrying their friend on a mat, let him down through the roof unto the floor in front of Jesus.

Their Core Strength

Service and Perseverance: Here service is seen in them giving themselves to a friend. We’ve established service is not only in material things. Here is an example. They gave their time, resources and energy to getting this man his miracle. I’d like to see your comments on how you’d feel if you were one of his friends when you saw him get his miracle. I know I’d be very happy. That’s service; big or small, service given willingly ALWAYS comes with joy.

They also had perseverance not being discouraged by the crowd they had to face even to the point they cut the thatch roof, that’s determination! I pray for God’s grace for us to be determined to do the right things. I earlier mentioned a hero with perseverance, the first person to comment the hero gets a prize!! Stay blessed y’all.


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