Online Presence

“Why so serious?” That phrase reminds me of the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Interesting I should mention this because these exact words ring in my head in Joker’s jocular psychotic  voice when I read some articles.

Like the way werewolves started sprouting like weed in the Twilight series so it would seem writers have awaken from their slumber in response to a challenge.
Why? That’s what I hope to discover even as I write. Nonetheless, I’ll share with you my thoughts hoping you do same. As a writer, one feels pricks in one’s heart, emotional chords, and the stronger they are, the more passionately they want to capture it. Whether it’s the heart breaking realization you’ve lost someone to clutches of teen drug addiction, wrong hospital medication or plain dehumanization(terrorism and whatnot); or even if it’s the crazed joy we feel when watching Barcelona thrash Real Madrid (or vice versa) like no man’s business, a writer feels good when his heart’s burden (or joy) is lifted.

The increased presence of online writers asks for trouble and I’m sure they’ll get it. Of recent, people have realized they’ve got voices and they’re singing loudly. I’m speaking of the voices that decry at the injustice done to fellow compatriots in terms of education (like LAUTECH’s over six month old strike case and most JAMBites), economy (literally a battle field with people criticizing and defending whoever is brave enough to open his mouth), and even in sports (as was seen in our composure and performance at the Olympic games). Even the religious writers have greased their joints and are geared up. But geared up for what?

See, I believe humans need to be reminded and either by mere coincidence or divine providence (more likely as people have started praying more, lol), that somehow we’re all being reminded of something. Of who we used to be, who we could be and who we should be. No writer should hope to save to save the world at a go but I’ll ask those on the receiving side of all these talks meant to inspire a hope and an assurance of better days of unity and uprising to come, don’t you think it’s possible that somehow these boring sounding or clichéd voices that sing progress are true? And if it is, don’t you know it begins with you?


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