Sports to Life: A Football Analogy

Sports have been a fairly clear mirror through which we analyze and interpret the world; from President Theodore Roosevelt’s preference of boxing analogies to Mr. Deji my automation instructor’s rib cracking metaphors of football, the games have thought me quite a bit. Using the same technique, I’ll dance with sports from around the globe to relay some realizations and thoughts of recent times.


The air in the stadium was so thick you could probably cut it with a knife. Ten thousand eyes were glued on me as I bore the façade of a calm appearance on the outside; inside I was crumbling. I rubbed my gloves together and hit the top bar of the goal post, my lucky charm. The grassroots team of which I was captain had come too far to be defeated at the finals by a penalty. I had been pulling us together from the start, no thanks to social media, our worst critic. Even with the pores on my body screaming as if excruciating pain, I will not give in.

Shows us here as facing new challenges and under enormous pressure too. Quite similar to the tertiary institution student or stock exchange broker.


This startup kid from the hinterlands actually made it this far. I know I can’t lose, the team’s counting on me and I have got my reputation to consider. I have taken down stiffer competition, I can do this… but what if I can’t? I mean, even the greats fail at times. I have literally got only one shot.

Here, we’re seen as facing challenges we thought we had conquered but then comes the thought of “what if?” With one chance we just might blow it. The pressure to perform never drops, even when facing lesser hurdles.

Both: The referee’s whistle is the deafening sound of a canon. 3…2…1. Here goes.


To learn: For God has not given us a spirit of fear & timidity, but of love, courage and a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7

As people, we’ve been given abilities that are unique only to us as persons, chief among these is our Freedom to choose. In the face of ginormous obstacles and challenges, we get to choose our response; to cower and be defeated or to meet these challenges head on. Even in defeat our freedom to choose allows us decide if we are choosing to stay down or to learn from the fall and start again smarter. Regardless of what happens it’s in us to make the decision of how we react to situations. it doesn’t depend on the system of doing things or the people involved or even our constraints. You can not always control the stimulus but you can always control the response.

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how I react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll


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