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Sunday Reflections

After the first five minutes of the usual call to thank God for the happenings of the past week the pastor burst into another round of praises that wasn’t in line with my registered norm of Sunday services.

Surely he had stepped too far, broken the set in stone regularity of Sunday worship.

Weren’t we to come to church listen to the preacher give thanks for five minutes, dive into a sermon that was so alike with the previous ones it dissolved from our minds at the saying of grace?

He was sure to get in trouble from the elders I thought, looking in the direction of the senior pastors half expecting to see faces trying to conceal disappointment. I was unsure if they were.

Before I could decide however, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, now it wasn’t a voice booming or something, just an inner intuition, an awareness. He reminded me of how people like to approach God in just a single right way, to place Him in a box. I was about to do that, to fall into the temptation that if we weren’t doing it the way it’s always been done we were in the wrong. I recalled that He’s called us to serve Him not on our terms but His.

Realizing my mistake of thinking the way the Holy Spirit was leading the service was wrong, I could then enjoy the praise. Perhaps it was because of the lesson I was reminded of but then the acts of God over my life started pouring in like torrents in my heart. Hearing His people singing with a thankfulness that resonated with mine filled my eyes with tears of gratitude and within me I made a note never to try to dictate how God should lead our worship of Him.


Okay, so this really happened to me on Sunday, I thought I’d share it cause it’s so true. I sometimes judge when someone gives a testimony in Yoruba instead of English or when like in this case the pastor goes out of my “perfect and uneditable” version of how service should be.

So what am I saying? Don’t think yourself so high you can’t bend to the way the Holy Spirit surprises in His method of working either you’re in church, a bus, at home or anywhere.

Stay humble, Jesus being God, the creator of the wind and trees humbled Himself so much He allowed the harsh sun to beat on Him till He sweated while He was preaching to people.


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