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Bible Plans

Remember the promise I made on fb last year to improve more on the site? Well, I keep my word and while this is just a facet of the other things I wish to do, I hope you enjoy this one. Also, I pray you’re not offended if it looks like most of the things posted here are in one way related to Christianity (I think it’s because I’m a Christian teen so a lot of my life revolves round it).

Okay, so I was thinking, why can’t I have a bible plan on the blog? I am not trying to promote any person or denomination, or devotional. I realize I get blessed by reading what other people have written as pertains to God’s word and Christian living in our times.

Now faith comes by hearing, and especially when you hear the word of God – Rom 10:17

So this section is dedicated to the bits of treasure I find everyday that can help any Christian indeed anyone who’s ready to grow into a constantly improving person.

I’ll be posting every Wednesday but be sure to expect some surprise postings every now and then.

Now it might look a bit directed to Christians but I believe anyone can benefit from them Please enjoy and share.

Thanks, Aderie.

The new section is up on the primary menu or click here.


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