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When I first heard the name Hur I thought it was something Johnny Bravo would say and not an actual person. However, as obscure as this hidden hero may seem he played a vital role in Israel’s survival at a time.
So the new to freedom nation, Israel was moving about in the wilderness when the Amalekites, a nation not threatened by them attacked. On the D-day, Moses, Aaron, his brother, and Hur set off to a nearby hill. When Moses hands were raised, Israel had the upper hand (I think this might be the origin of that saying); when his hands fell, so did they.

Aaron and Hur then placed a stone under a tired Moses to sit on and held his hands, one on each side throughout the day. Consequently, Israel gave Amalek a good thrashing and won the battle, thanks first to God and the pillar-friends He gave Moses.

I pray in our walk here, he provides for us steadfast people to stand by in thick and thin.

God didn’t forget Hur either, when it came time to build the Ark of Covenant and the Tabernacle, God placed on Hur’s grandchildren His Spirit to make them super skilled at any craft. That’s like having three DaVincis in one person.

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