Rainy Journeying ☔

I’ve had a myriad of experiences on these yellow buses. My latest would have to be from last Friday.

Jeje jeje mi, after being soaked in the heavy rain on my way to church, I got a bus to take me to Mowe, towards Redemption Camp.

See the look on my face after my first shock, I saw the silencer of the bus in the bus! It must have fallen down in traffic or something.

Every now and then, the bus would backfire, sounding like those old Nollywood police guns. But it was already almost a normal thing to hear in some vehicles.

At one bus stop, the driver asked the conductor if it was necessary to refuel; the conductor somehow weighed the chances. “No o, no need, the thing go reach Mowe.”

By then, the cold I was feeling was as if I bathed with clothes very early on a harmattan morning.

Just when I thought I was getting comfortable, the engine began shutting down as if NEPA is punishing you with gradual low voltage before cutting supply.

Fuel iyaf finish in bus! After dark on a rainy day! Who sent me to enter bus now? My fellow passengers didn’t slack. The driver got it hot; see insults.

Last last, we pushed the bus —well the other guys pushed the thing. I was too busy freezing in the backseat. We pushed for like 400m to a filling station!

After refuelling, guess what? The bus still didn’t start! I just respected myself and left the unlucky driver to handle their wahala.

So I’m here thinking, Lagos state plans on overhauling its transport system and that involves saying goodbye to the yellow vehicles that characterize our motorways. I’ve had enjoyable classes on humor, bravery, and yes sometimes terror management (they can be so reckless!). Well, just a way of remembering the times and experiences. If they do phase them out… If not…

I’ll really like though that you share your experiences anyhow you’ve had them, in any public transport system, not just Lasgidi.

You can share your stories in a short video or text on the fb page here.

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