Monday Magic

Pause. Time To Disconnect.

In June, one of my mentors recommended to me a book and asked that we discuss it at the end of the year, now this was a book less than 300 pages so I “bragged” to him that I’d be done in two weeks. I went through my bookshelf yesterday and found the book almost unread, I was still in the introduction section. I felt stupid because when I told him two weeks I was so sure, cocky even.

Insult to injury was the book title, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. A book on focusing! The irony is more than a little biting. Then I realized I had more books that were quite important to me and although I love taking time with mentally tasking books, there’s just an amount of time that tells you, “Bros, you’re mentally lazy.”

I have a list of all the things I need to complete, fix and people to call but like most people I get stuck in the fast paced whirlpool that is life, where information hits you every single waking minute demanding attention. Yet, consistently I do things that go against the very productiuvity I want to achieve. Maybe it’s like that for you too. You plan, start, see a Twitter thread or an IG story and before you know it, three weeks is gone and you’re way passed the deadline.

This isn’t a finished story that I’m recalling so I can’t tell you how I “magically” solved my problem. I’ll just share something I’m going to do and maybe, just maybe this week you’ll try it or whenever. Get off your phone. Give it out for a two days, maybe a weekend. Get all distractions away. Put your affairs in order. Pick up that book, concentrate on that project. Take that moment to disconnect. Being goal oriented would occasionally demand you pull away and unless you are ready to risk that few hours to disconnect, success, if it happens will be accidental.

Have a happy week! ☺️😁

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