Monday Magic

Pause. Time To Disconnect.

...Yet, consistently I do things that go against the very productivity I want to achieve. Maybe it's like that for you too. You plan, start, see a Twitter thread or an IG story and before you know it, three weeks is gone and you're way passed the deadline.



Hey guys, sorry I’ve been off the grid (well here anyway). I took an unannounced sabbatical. I’m sorry 😭😥. I’ll be done soon and you can bet you’ll have some great content coming.
So I’ve been following up on TPM for about a month and these guys are it. If you could have a group interested in Nigeria’s unity and growth, they’d be it. Please enjoy this one. Check out their website at


Unity, peace and progress.


How do you believe in this, when those who coined it did not execute it?

When those who execute in it do not understand it?

When those who understand it do not believe in it?

We are an endless chain, held together by the bonds of a constitution. And our ethnicities hate each other, but we love each other. We feel torn between generations of hate and a new dawn of love, with little more than empty words in an ambitious legal document to guide us to the answer.

Today, I choose to love, and to make my ethnicity love others.

And I am stunned to see the outcome.

The orange light bounces off the silver on a Tiv woman’s fabric, as she vibrantly dances on her toes, the notes from the instruments blissfully gliding down her back. She owns the Igbo tune. A Yoruba woman…

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